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How to Make Money With Amazon: 11 Ways to Cash In!

Not many people Google how to make money with Amazon. Instead most look for how to make money online. But if you shop on Amazon then why not make money with Amazon? Even if you don’t shop on Amazon you can make money with Amazon. There are at least eleven (11) ways in which you can make money online with Amazon. Yep! is not just about shopping and Prime Services as great as all of that is. Amazon is about making money and you can make money with Amazon if that’s something you want to do.

Now, some options are easier to get started with than others. But the key thing is, they all work! There is something for anyone who is interested. All you need o do is find what floats your boat; what you’re interested in and take it from there. 

How to Make Money With Amazon

Amazon isn’t going anywhere and the rate at which it is growing means that anyone can benefit. Below is a list of opportunities that anyone can use to make money with Amazon.

We’ve put them into six (6) categories and provided a related snippet on each opportunity. Of course you can always get more detailed information on

Create and Sell

  1. Start selling (FBA)
  2. Amazon Business
  3. Merch by Amazon
  4. Amazon handmade

You can sell on Amazon via FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon), or sell your business products or services on Amazon (Amazon Business). Merch by Amazon allows you to “create merchandise designs and earn royalties” and there is no upfront investment required.

You can also sell our handmade products on Amazon. Lots of people love handmade items and Amazon offers a worldwide market to sell your items.

One of the great things about Amazon is that they’ve already got millions of customers. That means you’ve got a ready market and you may very well end up spending way less on advertising.

In some cases, you may not even have to advertise, depending on the product or service you are offering. Some people make a tone of money on Amazon selling everyday products without one single ad. So anything is possible.

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Help Spread the word 

  1. Affiliate
  2. Amazon Influencer

Help spread the word about the products on Amazon as an Amazon Affiliate. By doing this you can earn referral fees for purchases your website visitors make via your content.

If you have an audience on social media, you can earn referral fees by sharing curated content of products with your social media followers. 

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Deliver Amazon Packages

  1. Amazon Flex
  2. Amazon Delivery Service Partner

You can be your boss as a delivery partner with Amazon Flex. This is perfect for the person who is looking to make extra money part time. This is perfect for the College student, stay at home mom, or if you are someone with extra time on your hands. You can use Amazon Flex to deliver Amazon packages and make money in your spare time. 

If you are looking to get into the package delivery business, then you can become an Amazon Delivery Service Partner and build your own package delivery business with Amazon. This is a great business opportunity for anyone looking to start their own package delivery business. 

Build in the cloud

  1. Amazon Appstore
  2. AWS Marketplace
  3. Alexa Skills

If you are in to creating apps then you definitely need to consider making them available on You can publish your apps worldwide in Amazon app store and take advantage of the unique monetization programs.

As a software developer or if that’s your business, you can grow your business by offering “ready to use software solutions to thousands of customers around the world.

Amazon Echo and Alexa Devices are becoming extremely popular. That means you can make money creating Alexa Skills for these devices. You can also find the training on Amazon, if this is something you might want to do.  

Publish Your Work

  1. Kindle Direct Publishing
  2. Prime Video Direct

No longer do you need to send your manuscript to a publisher hoping that they’ll read it and publish it. Use Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing to publish your story that’s been waiting to be told. That means you can easily self-publish your eBooks and paperbacks and reach millions of readers on Amazon. Can you see the possibilities? 

If Kindle publishing is something you might be interested in but not sure how to go about it, then check out Kindle Money Mastery. It’s a step-by-step, everything you need to know training system on how to earn passive income with kindle publishing. 

You can also earn money streaming content to a global audience with Prime Video Direct. With rime Video Direct, you can publish your film directly to Amazon’s Prime audience. You don’t have to ask for permission from anyone and it’s a great way to reach your audience. Choose how you want the royalties to come in and all you need to do is create your free account to get started. 

Stream Your Games Live

  1. Twitch

We get it, gaming is not just a game to everyone. For some it’s a way of life, a passion. You can put that passion to work for you. Livestream your games and generate revenue from it via viewer subscriptions and more, as you grow your following. 

That’s how to make money with Amazon! You’ve got eleven (11) great money making options to choose from. It does not mean that you have to stick to just one. You can utilize multiple options.

Utilize Multiple Options

For example you can have your own Amazon Affiliate website as well as your own eBook on Amazon. You can also make your eBook available on your website as well. These two options are more about passive income. 

If having an Amazon Affiliate website sounds like music to your ears, then you may want to consider getting a done-for-you Amazon affiliate website. It would cost you a bit more, but it’s worth the investment 10 times over, as there is no limit as to the amount of money you can make with affiliate marketing.

You also save yourself the frustration of building it yourself. So if you are looking or a quick turnaround on your investment then this is the way to go.

If you are a do-it-yourself kind of person, you can create you own affiliate website from scratch. Doing this could open up new opportunities for you, as you can eventually create websites for others as well. That’s another source of income right there. 

You can also be an Amazon seller via Amazon FBA. That might be a bit more costly, since you have to purchase the products and send them to Amazon. However, Amazon handles everything after that.

All you need to do is create your seller account and have merchandise ready to be sold on Amazon. Lots of people make money selling everyday items on Amazon. The key to success here is knowing which items would be profitable to sell on Amazon before you make your purchase. You don’t want to have inventory that’s not selling or taking a long time to turnover. 


Imagine making yourself at least an extra $1500/month. We’re just being conservative here. Of course you can make a lot more than that a month with anyone of these Amazon opportunities. But an extra $1500/month translates into $18,000/year. Think about it, what can you do with that extra money? 

However, getting there depends on you and whether or not you’re willing to put in the effort required towards making your choice of any one of these make money with Amazon opportunities work for you. 

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