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TotalJobs UK: The Perfect Place to Start Your Job Search

Job hunting in the UK? Then TotalJobs UK is the perfect place to start your job search! Sometimes you simply need to think outside the box to achieve certain things and these days you need to think outside the box while job hunting.

It’s just not enough to only look at the classifieds anymore. Focusing only on the classifieds could mean you are missing out on fantastic job opportunities, since more and more employers are finding it more convenient and economical to list their current job vacancies online.  That being the case, TotalJobs UK is a great place to start your job search.

What is TotalJobs UK

Located at, TotalJobs UK is one of the largest and fastest growing online recruitment company and one of the UK’s leading job boards. As a wholly-owned subsidiary of StepStone, TotalJobs Uk is “one of the biggest online job board businesses in Europe.”

Believe it or not, TotalJobs UK attracts around six (6) million jobseekers every month and carries at least about 110,000 live job ads on their site at any one time. So it’s definitely a great place to start your job search.

TotalJobs UK job search

At TotalJobs UK, over 2 million applications are generated each month! That’s a lot! But that’s just one of the the reasons why TotalJobs has a strong reputation among recruiters and jobseekers alike.

At TotalJobs UK, you can have access to thousands of jobs from recruiters from small regiaonally-based businesses, multinationals, recruitment consultants, as well as advertising agencies. These comapnies use TotalJobs as their go to site, to recruit individuals across almost every sector in the UK.

How TotalJobs UK Works

As part of the Totaljobs Group Ltd, which is the UK’s largest and fastest-growing online recruitment company, TotalJobs UK has offices throughout the UK and you can access thousands of vacancies as well as get expert career advice if you need it. So you can also get the tips and tools to help you land the job you are after.

TotalJobs provides an extensive listing of jobs from various recruiters (Agencies) and direct employers and you can search for jobs by:

  • Sector
  • Location
  • Company
  • Popular Searches
  • Entry level jobs, and even
  • Part time jobs
TotalJobs UK job categories

So you’ve got quite a bit of choices here!

Some popular employers include:

  • Quill
  • GB Finance
  • Frrow & Ball
  • PPD Europe
  • Easy Web Agency
  • High Finance Group
  • BW Workplace Experts
  • NC Associates Liverpool
  • Pets Corner (UK) Ltd, and a host of others.

Once you find a job you are interested in, you simply submit your application or you can save the jobs you are interested in, if you don’t want to apply for them right away. You can save jobs on any device and apply accordingly.

TotalJobs also has a “power app” you can use, so you can apply for a job in a minute! With the app you can get instant job notifcations, apply for the job directly using the app, and even save jobs and your searches.

TotalJobs UK power app

Click here to see TotalJobs app in action!

The app allows you to speed up your job hunt and helps you find the right job as quickly as possible. You can also easily sort your search results to browse the latest vacancies by relevance, salary, date posted, distance, company name, and keyword; sales, certified accountant, etc.

How to Get Started with TotalJobs UK

To get started with TotalJobs UK, simply click on the “Register CV” button and fill out the new job seeker registration, upload your CV and click on submit. Once you find a job you are interested in, you simply send your application. With just one click or tap, you can edit your settings, change your CV, and add a cover letter before you submit your application for any job.

TotalJobs UK how to get started

By uploading your CV you allow prospective employers to find you as well. So you are looking and the employer is looking. That makes your job search a bit easier. You can also set your account to receive targeted alerts and get emails about jobs you might be interested in.

Once you become a registered user with TotalJobs UK, you are able to sign into all of Totaljobs Group sites. They’ll also send you relevant jobs that match your criteria. So that’s pretty cool. Now TotalJobs UK does not guarantee that you’ll get the job, that’s on you. So brush up on your interview skills if you need to.

TotalJobs UK: Alternative

Overall, TotalJobs UK sounds pretty good I’d say. It really is a great place to start your job search if you live in the UK and environs. But if you are looking for a great alternative that would allow you to get rid of the daily grind of a 9 to 5, then you definitely need to check out my top FREE recommended work at home opportunity right here

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TotalJobs UK: Alternative

TotalJobs UK alternative

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