Work From Home Sales Jobs

Work From Home Sales Jobs

Looking for work from home sales jobs? Then you definitely need to check out this article! We’ll share some of the best options you can find to make the kind of income you want.

Working form home is convenient.

Now you can always check out the best job posting websites to find sales jobs, but most if not all of them, may not have work at home sales jobs. Your best bet might be becoming a Avon Sales Representative or a Pampered Chef consultant, etc.

Now there is absolutely nothing wrong with that, but my guess is, you are looking for a work at home sales job to avoid having to go out there canvassing for sales and all that jazz. Those mentioned opportunities can also be done online, but to be really successful at it, you need to make sure you get the right training.

Work from home sales jobs

How to earn money by working from home

So if you are looking for a sales job that you can:

  1. do strictly from home, and
  2. create a full time income and more, then check out our top recommendations.

Here are three (3) great opportunities that would allow you to do just that. These are all fantastic options!

  • No cold calling to find out if people are interested in your product
  • No traipsing form house to house to peddle your product nor the need to have a ware hosting party
  • But the best part is that you can create multiple streams of income

If however, you are just looking for work from home sales jobs, then you should definitely check out our article on best job posting websites to find your sales job.

Work from Home Sales Jobs: Alternatives

#1. Freelance Copywriter

Now if you are good at writing sales copy, then working at home writing sale material for others, is a great work from home sales job. As a freelance copywriter, you get to set your own hours and work when, where and how much you want to. This is you putting your sales experience to work for you.

work home sales jobs-Freelance copy writer

Now you can find opportunities on your own, but if this is something new to you, then having the proper guidance is key to becoming successful quicker. Having expert advice, also allows you to avoid making errors going it on your own.

That being said, you’ve got several great options you can use to get started as a freelance copywriter.

  1. Freelance Profit Academy
  2. Writer Help Wanted
  3. Writing Jobs 2018
  4. My Freelance Paycheck
  5. Legit Writing Jobs
  6. Freelance Writing Riches

We recommend Freelance Writing Riches with Maggie Lynders.

Affiliate Marketing

Now the best kind of work from home sales jobs are the ones that allow you to determine your own income, don’t you agree?Affiliate marketing is a great way to do just that. The thing about affiliate marketing is that you can promote almost any product online and get paid!

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is like being in sales, only it’s done online. It’s all about promoting someone else’s product in exchange for a commission. You get paid a commission when someone makes a purchase. Commissions vary, as it all depends on the product. But the cool thing about affiliate marketing is that you can determine your level of income. Of course the more products you promote the money you make.

You can actually combine your freelance copy writing skills with your affiliate marketing efforts and rake in some big bucks, all from the comfort of your home. Sounds too good to be true right? Well the key is simply understanding how to make money online. Once you know how it works, you’ll see the possibilities.

work home sales jobs affiliate marketing

But hey, our job really isn’t to convince you of anything. All we are doing is simply providing you with legitimate online opportunities anyone can use to earn a living working from home. If being in sales is your thing, then these options are worth checking out.

The Affiliate Marketing Opportunity

The thing about accessing work from home sales jobs is that they are just that, a job. Now if that’s your talent then you can most likely make some serious money depending on the opportunity. But the fantastic thing about affiliate marketing is that people are online 24/7. That means that if you have a website, you’ve got an opportunity to make money even while you sleep. Need we say anymore?

For example, lots of people like selling Avon, Insurance, what have you. Well, if you are one of those people, you can sell Avon (or your favorite products) online using affiliate marketing. With affiliate marketing you have a large number of products available on your website.

With a successful online business, you can work when you want and how you want. But the key is you are working from home. Added to that, affiliate marketing is a great way to make money doing something that you absolutely love.

For example, if you love pets, you can have your own website related to pets and compliment your articles with recommended products from As an Amazon Affiliate, you can earn a hefty income and that’s just one opportunity. There are numerous other companies that have affiliate programs.

So this is definitely something for you to get into. You can click here to get started free or you can check out Human Proof Designs and get a done for you Amazon Affiliate website. With HPD you can get your own ready made Amazon affiliate niche website, complete with content, on-page SEO, training, and support.


Now if you like interacting with customers and you love the idea of selling stuff online, then having your own ecommerce store is a great idea. Having your own online store definitely falls under the category of work from home sales jobs. Ecommerce is hot, and is one of the most lucrative avenues online to date.

Ecommerce work home sales jobs

Ecommerce Opportunities

So if this is something you might be interested in then we recommend Shopify. With Shopify, it’s very simple and easy to set up your online store. Not having your own product for sale is not even an issue. Ever heard about drop shipping? That’s what people are getting into these days. Done right, drop shipping can be a very lucrative work from home opportunity.

Apart from Shopify, AliDropship is also another great option you can use to get started in eCommerce. With both options you’ve got tons of free resources you can access for success. In addition to which, you can have a custom store built for you, so all you need to focus on is the marketing aspect.

Work From Home Sales Jobs

A work from home sales job is just that really, a job and you are limited in terms of your earning. If you are one to think outside the box, then why not embrace the technology and do something different? Affiliate marketing and ecommerce or drop shipping has some aspect of sales in it. But the difference is that you can:

  • Earn multiple streams of income with these two opportunities.
  • Have flexibility in how and when you work
  • Attain geographic and financial freedom

Those are the factors that make these opportunities so fantastic! No cold calling to find out if people are interested in your product. No traipsing from house to house to peddle your product or the need to have a ware hosting party. Instead you can have your own website or online store with products for sale.

Knowledge brings wisdom. So check out these options for more information so that you can make the best decision for you. Isn’t time you work on your own terms?

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