Job loss survival kit

Job Loss Survival Kit: How to cope with losing a job

Job Loss Survival Kit: Successful Coping After Job Loss

Your job loss survival kit: An introduction to a simple but effective job loss survival kit that can help you cope with job loss.

A job provides the opportunity for so many benefits that it can be difficult to envision a future full of possibilities after losing it. The financial security it provides, is often enough to keep you in a job that you absolutely hate, since it allows you to meet your needs. So it’s easy to understand why it might feel like the worst thing to ever happen when you lose it.

Losing a job can often be a financial strain one way or the other, especially when you did not expect it. Even if it is expected it can still be debilitating. For some people, it’s not just about a financial strain but losing a job can also lead to anxiety and depression. But it does not have to. You’ll see how as we expose you to the job loss survival kit.

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The inevitability of job loss

For the majority of employers, running a business is all about decreasing expenses and increasing profit margins. For some employers, that could mean doing whatever it takes. That can often mean getting rid of employees for various reasons.

For example, there’s a shift in the economy so they need to streamline things a bit. Or your employer lets you know that “things have not been going so well for the business” so they are wrapping it up. Or maybe some new piece of technology is performing your job better and cheaper.

Whatever happened, the ramifications are obvious. You are about to lose your job and you’re about to become a statistic! However you phrase it, job loss is inevitable.

When it happens out of the blue, it can often leave you in a state of shock. Anxiety might set in, as you’ve got a mountain of bills to pay and losing your job was not something you catered for. This is one rainy day you neglected to prepare for and it is about to become a downpour of epic proportions and you don’t have much of a shelter!

Traditional Mindset

Most people are so traditional in their thinking when it comes to getting a job. Having such a traditional mindset  can make it difficult to envision the positive possibilities when faced with job loss. Granted no one wants to have to face something like that, but the reality is that job security might very well be a thing of the past.

If you are traditional in your thinking when it comes to having a job, then most likely you’ll be one of those individuals to experience a high level of anxiety when you lose it.

job loss survival kit experiencing anxiety

The thing about it is that we’re taught to go to school, get an education, apply for a job, and work at that job until…, well you know the drill. We might change a few jobs in between but the main focus is having a J-O-B, even if you are not passionate about it. But no one ever tells you that one day you can possibly lose your job.

With the rapid evolution of technology, there’s a higher probability of job loss. But because of the technology the probability of finding a job has also increased. There are so many opportunities online to earn an income that it’s just crazy. So you definitely need to start thinking outside the box when it comes to surviving job loss.

Job Loss Survival Kit

In a scenario like this, it’s difficult to see the positive aspects of losing your job. But losing a job isn’t always a bad thing, especially if it was a job that was stressful. But unexpected or not, losing your job means you are losing the income that came with it. It might even feel like you wasted your time. But that could not be further from the truth.

1. Be prepared financially

Rule of thumb is to make sure you can cover your expenses for at least six (6) months. Apart from making sure that you prepare for the financial implications of losing your job, here are a few other things you want to consider to ensure your survival and secure yourself another job.

2. Understand that no one is guaranteed a job for life

Most people might feel like they might never lose their job. For most people that might be the case, but you just never know. Who would ever have thought that places like Toys R Us and all those other well-established businesses, would one day close their doors? Understanding that no one is guaranteed a job for life helps you deal with the loss of a job on a psychological level.

3. Don’t panic

We know, that’s easier said that done. Understandably, trying not to panic about the situation might be a bit difficult to do on the onset, especially in light of the fact that bills might be coming due. But panicking or worrying about the situation is not going to change it, nor will it help you to properly focus on your options. You need a calm level head to look at your options.

job loss survival kit

4. Look at your options

In looking at your options, try to look past the traditional way of acquiring another job. Don’t just look at the classified ads to find yourself a job but use the technology to aid in your job search.

Technology has provided lots of options when it comes to finding jobs, that’s why it’s recommended as part of your job loss survival kit. So you definitely want to make sure that you utilize job search sites to find job opportunities.

Job search sites are a great resource and you can also find full-time or part-time jobs, as well as real work at home opportunities.

5. You’ve acquired skills

You might be tempted to think that the job you just lost was a waste of your time. But that could not be further from the truth. You acquired skills from that job. So you want to think about the various ways in which you can utilize those skills as well.

6. Tap into your creativity

Now that you are out of your comfort zone you have to look at other options so you definitely need to tap into that creativity that you may have shelved so long ago because you got comfortable in a particular job.

Like we stated above, there are so many opportunities online that can help you earn an income from the comfort of your home. So why not use the technology to turn your passion into a profit.

creativity for job loss survival kit

7. Find the hidden opportunity

Embrace the technology to find the hidden opportunities online! Most people don’t see losing a job as an opportunity. But losing a job, especially one that you did not like, can be an opportunity for you to do what you always wanted to do. For example, tapping into your creativity as mentioned above.

It’s also an opportunity for you to provide your skills on a freelance basis as well as, utilize the numerous work at home opportunities that are available.

If you want to do something different, then this is also the time to do that. For example, using your skills to freelance is a great option. Consider writing an eBook about your experience. Start an online store or even get into affiliate marketing. These are two options that can definitely provide you with geographic and financial freedom and flexibility.

These opportunities aren’t rocket science and you don’t need a degree to get started. As long as you are willing to put in the effort with the right opportunity, you can learn how to earn an income online from the comfort of your home. Try to think outside the box and use the technology to your advantage.

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